Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing Behavior: How Rawhide Rolls can help

It’s no secret that puppies can be very destructive when they are teething. Chewing is natural and necessary for your dog’s mental health and good for dental care. Here are some tips you can use to help puppies that are teething as well as adult dogs, without sacrificing your furniture and shoes in the process… 

1. Rawhide Rolls are here to save the day! 

Dog’s chew for many reasons and the most common one as a puppy is to ease the pain that comes from teething. Adult dogs chew when they feel anxious, to deal with insecurity or when they’re hungry. With dog chew toys, many dogs resort to chewing whatever they can find around the house like shoes, sticks, clothes, pencils and furniture.  Therefore, we need to give our furbabies something healthy to chew. Canine Chews dog toys and rawhide chews are the perfect chewing outlet for your dog to occupy them for a long time.

With so many chew toys on the market, we will help answer how do you choose the best dog chew toy? First, check to ensure the size of the chew treat fits your furbaby’s size (or breed).  The chew should be about the size of the dog’s lower jaw as a frame of reference.  Most small dogs prefer dog chews between 4 to 6 inches in length while large aggressive chewing dogs can have treats much larger, sometimes more than 12 inches in length!  Once we select the correct treat size, we have to check the ingredients to ensure all natural ingredients, ideally single ingredient. Lastly, choose the shape that your dog prefers including rawhide bones, sticks, rolls, twists, etc.


beef-rolls-for-dogs2. Another thing to do to help your furbaby with his urge to chew is to give him plenty of play and physical activity he enjoys, so your pup will be tired when he gets home lowering their anxiety. Exercising is one of the best habits you can have with your dog to diminish destructive chewing behavior and keep you fit!
3. Don’t give your dog things to chew that can be confusing such as household items. Remember that fur babies will learn everything we teach them, especially when we reinforce it with treats. As an example, if one day you give your furbaby shoes you don’t wear anymore, but then you don’t want him to take other shoes, you’re confusing him. Only treat your dog with appropriate chew toys, such as single ingredient all natural rawhide retriever rolls
ALL-NATURAL-DOG-TREAT 4. Try to identify the time of the day your dog tends to chew things and try to create habits that he can develop instead of destructive chewing behavior. For instance, try playing fetch with him, go for a short walk, or engage in play time. Something as simple as paying attention to him can sometimes be enough to lower anxiety. After good exercise, pleas make sure your pup has plenty of fresh water and then give their favorite Canine Chews rawhide chew! 
5. Lastly, put your valuable objects, such as expensive shoes, in an area he can’t get them and this also will help you to keep your house clean and neat.  

Five great tips to help ensure you and your furbaby stay happy!  Chew toys are an essential part of mental and dental health so always follow the recommendation of your vet.  Enjoy your pup’s favorite rawhide chew and make the fun last longer

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