How to walk your dog without stress

Strong anxiety can be overwhelming and irrational if you've ever experienced it, so you can empathize with what your dog is going through. Ignoring it doesn't work. Some trainers suggest physically forcing anxious dogs to walk. We do not believe that it is appropriate to force a dog to do what they fear. We believe in helping dogs overcome their fears in a positive way. 

Would you be able to tell what triggers your dog’s fear? Would your dog be anxious around other dogs? Would your dog be afraid to walk on a leash? Do they fear loud noises or people? Perhaps your dog is afraid to go outside at all. Knowing what causes your dog to become anxious can help you overcome their fear. 

Choosing the right time to walk

Take your dog for a walk during the time of day when there are fewer triggers. If the trash truck scares your dog, avoid the hours when the truck collects trash. If traffic noises terrify your dog, walk during the day when there are fewer vehicles.

Keep it local

Get your dog used to walking on the same route each day before you venture out on new roads. Walk close to home first. If your dog struggles to go on a walk but is eager to walk home, you can try taking him on a car ride nearby and then walking him back home.

Take walks to practice

Don't think you have to walk your dog, think you have to train it. You don't have to drag your dog around that beautiful lake for an hour. Instead of taking five minutes to get out of the house calmly, take five minutes to do some sit-downs in the drive, and take five minutes to get to the end of the road without being yanked around, you can take five minutes.

As a result, the dog will be able to take in more information since it will be learning in smaller chunks. The important thing is not where you go, but how you get there.

There is no such thing as perfection

As soon as you realize this, things will become easier. No dog is perfect. It might seem that way as you pass that calm Labrador walking off lead to heel while your dog is playing with you, bowing and barking their heads for fun. However, you're unaware that the Labrador goes to the toilet every night in the kitchen or jumps on the mother-in-law whenever she visits.

Don't judge yourself when you look at other people's dogs. Focus on finding a better balance between your dog and you.

Yummy treats:

Whenever your dog starts freezing during walks, throw treats a few steps ahead of you every five seconds or so. Click and treat whenever your dog keeps walking after a long pause.

Food can lower stress and calm dogs down too. It's hard to be scared when you're eating a yummy burger!


Choose partners you can trust

Your dog is also easily influenced by other dogs. Take your dog for a walk with calm, confident dogs your dog knows well and doesn't react to.

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