Canine Chews 5" Rawhide Munchies Fresh Breath Dog Treats Enzyme Coating for Fresh Breath (100 Pack)



  • 🦷 🐶 DOG DENTAL CHEW coated with special dental formula, our rawhide chew toys gently scrape plaque and tartar while providing fresh breath
  • 🦴 100 MUNCHY RAWHIDE DOG TREATS 100pk of rawhide munchies savory beef rawhide made from premium beefhides
  • 🌿 FRESH DENTAL FLAVOR manufactured in Mexico at our family-owned facility with 25 years of dog treat and chew manufacturing NEVER FROM CHINA North America only! Savory fresh dental formula your dog will love!
  • 🐾 DOG RAWHIDE Canine Chews proprietary dental formula coated onto fresh rawhide chews. Home safe without staining
  • Crunchy quick treat that can be given to any dog size or age and can be broken into smaller pieces as a training treat or fed as a whole 5" stick for a quick dog treat

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