5" Chicken Wrapped Twist Sticks

Size: 45 pack

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Canine Chews 5 inch chicken-wrapped chew toy twist sticks will satisfy your small dog's natural urge to chew or will provide an occupational chew toy for your new puppy. Made from 100% only USA sourced chicken and beef hide, these all natural dog chews have a savory beef and chicken taste your dog will love! Dental benefits abound: long-lasting twist sticks clean teeth and support healthy gums by reducing plaque and tartar through the dog's natural chewing action. Ideal for small dogs and puppies, our 5" chicken wrapped twist sticks combinations are your choice for an occupational chew. NEVER FROM CHINA, our rawhide is hand made in our family-owned factory in Mexico with beef hides from Mexico and the USA and chicken only from USA chicken farms. With over 25 years of proudly serving the USA market, our highly certified factory is completely focused on creating the BEST rawhide dog treats for you and your pup! Our most popular small dog chew, the chicken wrapped twist stick is a fun and playful chew toy for your small dog to gnaw. With natural ingredients, no risks of staining carpets or furniture both you and your pup will enjoy these yummy dog treats!

  • 🦴 45 or 100 DOG TREATS FOR SMALL DOGS chicken wrapped rawhide dog treats with real 100% USA chicken that your small 5-20 pound dog will be sure to love! Real USA chicken provides savory taste and hours of playful occupational chewing
  • 🦷 🐶 DENTAL CHEW healthy teeth and gums by gently scraping plaque and tartar. Veterinarians recommend dental health for dogs
  • 🐔🐮 SAVORY TASTE 🍖 real chicken meat taste made by combining USA chicken with real beef hide for optimum taste and palatability. Only USA sourced chicken is combined with beef and manufactured in Mexico at our family-owned facility with 25 years of dog treat and chew manufacturing NEVER FROM CHINA
  • 🐾 DOG RAWHIDE CHICKEN TWIST STICKS all natural ingredients best selling chicken wrapped dog treats for small dogs makes the Canine Chews rawhide sticks the dog chew of choice for your pup naturally satisfying your dog's urge to chew. Odor free and home-safe, these rawhide treats will not stain carpets or furniture
  • 💪 LONG LASTING occupational dog chew that will last your small dog between 5-15 minutes per dog treat. Engaging your pup to help prevent destructive chewing protecting your shoes and furniture!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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